Sunbathe, party, repeat: Gili T, Bali

The next day we drove back to Kuta which only took 17 minutes as we were using a great app called Maps.Me which runs off GPS so you don’t need to have wifi or 3G when you are travelling which is pefect for us. We would definitely recommend downloading it to anyone who is doing any kind of travelling in pretty much any country – it is so useful. We dropped the bike off at Funky Monkey and waited there for a mini bus to pick us up and take us to the harbour at Padang Bai to catch the fast boat to Gili T (Gili Trawangan – an island off Bali). The boat was a lot smaller than we thought it would be and you have to sit in the hull of the boat where the windows are in line with the waves crashing against you. Unless you want to get soaked, you can’t have the windows open, so it was extremely hot in there and the two hour journey felt like four. As you can imagine, we were relieved to get off at the other end and walked the 20 minutes or so to our accommodation called Gili Fit. Can you guess why we chose it yet? The rooms were only £10 a night and you got free use of the gym there. Let’s just say that we understand why they didn’t have any pictures of their accommodation on their Hostelworld profile. The rooms were very small Lumbungs (traditional Indonesian accommodation) that you could hardly stand up in with a very loud air bed. It was all part of the fun though and they were surprisingly cool considering there was only a fan in there. The price of the room also included breakfast in their super healthy restaurant upstairs. Everything on the menu was delicious and they had a cool cinema room with beanbags and a rooftop terrace with a basketball court so we would definitely recommend staying there, even if you’re not into the gym. After our first gym session in roughly three weeks we met up with Percino and Mittler and went for some dinner with them to the night market. The food there was unbelievable. So cheap with huge portions and you could tell that all the fish and meat was really fresh. You will not leave the night market feeling disappointed. They also made nutella pancakes there, but instead of frying them, they baked the pancakes so they puffed up and became more like a cake than a pancake. Very sickly and probably too much for just one person to handle as you get loads, although you may not want to share! After dinner we met with Ginger and some other guys they had met on the boat on the way over to Gili T – Francis from Peru, Carlos from Chile and Jodi and Joe from Seattle. They were a great group of people and we all hung out for the rest of the night playing beer pong in Evolution Bar and dancing the night away.

On Monday we went on a snorkelling trip with everyone in a glass bottom boat and then watched the sunset. The snorkelling was really good – we saw lots of turtles and tropical fish. And the sunset was beautiful. It was fun to relax on the boat with everyone, having a few drinks and watching the sunset together. It made us realise how lucky we are to be travelling for so long in such amazing countries and meet some amazing people. It was a day that we will never forget.

That night we all went out for dinner at and had a few drinks but we weren’t feeling a big night so we walked back with Ginge, looking for some matching “brocelts” that we could wear to remind us of our Bali adventures together.

The next day Jordan went scuba diving with the two Nicks with Aquaddiction and saw turtles, two small sharks and an octopus. Natalie went to the gym whilst Jordan was diving, then we checked out of Gili Fit and moved to Banana Leaf Bungalows which was 300,000 rupiah a night for private room with en suite, aircon and breakfast. The reason we didn’t stay in a hostel in Gili T is because they had all closed down about a month before as the locals who ran the homesteads protested that the Western own hostels were taking away their business. We later learnt that due to the hostels closing down, the island had a whopping 7,000 less people visiting each week. After we moved rooms we chilled out at the beach with the rest of the guys for the afternoon.

Monday was our last night with The Americans so we went out for dinner to Ocean 2 restaurant which was cheap but the food was actually quite nice. Sadly Mittler didn’t feel well, so the four of us went for a few drinks and played the dice game as a final goodbye. 

The next morning they woke us up to say goodbye and gave us our matching “brocelts” so we could remember them forever and ever. Cringe! This was our last full day on Gili T so we chilled on the beach and went to the gym. Standard.