Relaxing on Lombok

From Gili T we caught the boat to Lombok on Friday 11th September. We stayed in Senggigi first for two nights at the On The Way hostel which was OK but very quiet so we didn’t really meet people there. However there was good wifi from Bambu Lounge over the road so we could catch up on the blog and skype family. On Friday we arrived late in the day so we just had some late lunch/early dinner and had a chilled evening. Our first full day there we sorted transport to go to Kuta Lombok and then headed to the beach. The beach in Senggigi was quite nice – clean with soft sand and clear waters. We walked along the coast line for a bit before deciding on a spot to settle on, just in front of one of the many large resorts there.

Jordan had a little snorkel in the shallow water and saw different kinds of fish and yellow spotted moray eels. That night we ate in Bambu Lounge across the road from our hostel which was tasty and good value.

On the Sunday we moved on to Kuta Lombok where we stayed for two nights in Roy’s Homestay. We got there in the afternoon so we decided to relax on the main beach for a few hours where we got talking to many of the young children who are selling holiday bracelets to tourists.

By late afternoon the sea had gone out quite far and lots of large rock pools started to form. We saw several people walking out to where the sea had gone out to, and we wanted to do the same. It was fun climbing in and out of the various rock pools, squelching our way through the seaweed.

The idea was for us to walk out to where the waves were crashing against the rocks in the distance but we never made it that far – it was further than it looked! Dinner was in Cafe 56, then we drove to Sunrise Bar on the beach where we had drinks and watched a live band. 

The next day we rented a scooter again and drove around looking for some nice, quiet beaches. We found one (no idea what the name of it was, or even if it had a name!) and relaxed there for a while. We headed back to the main beach for some lunch and chilled there for the rest of the afternoon, once we had skyped some friends. We do sound rather popular at the moment don’t we! Oh, and we saw a heard of cattle walking along the beach! Very strange.

For dinner we went to a popular stone oven pizza restaurant and drove around looking for a place to have a drink and be sociable. Lucily, we came across a campervan that had been converted into a bar on the side of the road. They had put tyres and pieces of wood on the floor as tables and chairs and lots of people were having a drink and a chat.

We got talking to a German couple who told us crazy stories of their times travelling, for example when they got arrested on their honeymoon for smoking weed. It was fun listening to their stories and they bought us drinks pretty much all night so that was a bonus! It’s funny the random people you meet while travelling and how your conversations with them stick in your mind.