Sydney Travelshoot - Behind the scenes video

If you’re a friend or close family member - sadly we know it’s mainly you guys who take the time to read our blogs, which we are eternally grateful for! - you will probably know that in January this year, Natalie got her dream job working for an amazing company called Travelshoot. The job combines my love for travel and my love for photography in one. We offer a unique twist on capturing holiday moments by connecting travellers and holidaymakers with local, professional photographers to capture incredible holiday memories in destinations around the globe. We’re an Aussie startup coming to the end of our first year of business and we already have around 70 photographers in 44 different cities around the globe, with many more to come in the near future. For more information, check out the Travelshoot website, and take a look at our very own Melbourne Travelshoot here.

Seeing that our own Melbourne Travelshoot went so well, and that the company was keen to get a ‘behind the scenes’ of a Travelshoot, Travelshoot founder Sarah Pearce roped us into doing another one! Luckily for us that meant getting even more amazing image of ourselves together in another great Aussie location (Sydney) and the bonus was that we got a cute video of our shoot as well.

So on Wednesday 16th March we both flew to Sydney in the evening after work and settled in our lovely hotel in Bondi for the night - we had an early start after all. Working for a photography business I’ve come to learn that the lighting for outdoor photography needs to be soft, so midday is always out of the question. And of course sunrise and sunset offer the most beautiful skies, so we were up at 6:30am to meet Travelshoot photographer Chris and videographer Alice to get started.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great that morning and it was due to rain so we had to play it by ear and kill some time driving around to find the best spot to start the shoot. The storm clouds were clearing and the lighting was improving so we started the shoot at Bronte Beach in the end, just a few along from Bondi. That’s one of the great things about getting your images taken by a local - they know all the best locations to produce amazing images. Normally during a standard Travelshoot, the photographer doesn’t drive customers around, but as this was specifically to get footage for the behind the scenes video, the circumstances were a bit different.

We got some incredible images there, then headed back to Bondi for some more beach shots. All the while Alice was doing her thing and capturing every moment on video. Annoyingly it started to chuck it down with rain after about 15 minutes on Bondi beach, so we had to run for the car to take shelter. Of course I was mostly worried about my makeup running or the rain ruining my hair! It’s a girl thing!

We did a little drive around to wait for the rain to ease off and to find some other incredible spots to get images. We came across one area on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea, and the sky and sea were such an amazing colour that we just had to hop out of the car again and get a few more images in the rain. It was well worth it though.

At this point we knew we had to get some iconic Sydney shots for the video so we got back into the car and drove into the city - more importantly to Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It had stopped raining by the time we got there so we got straight down to it and Jordan and I had a walk along the harbour while Chris was snapping away and Alice was filming. The whole experience could have made us feel very celebrity-like, as if we had two paparazzi wanting to get a money shot of us. But to be honest the whole experience was so relaxed and fun. Travelshoot is not about being models in front of the camera - you don’t need to know all the best poses and have an amazing outfit on. It’s just about being in the moment with your loved one(s) in a favourite location of yours, and capturing some incredible memories for you to treasure forever. And all while having a blast with one of our local photographers.

After a few more snaps in front of the Opera House the rain started to appear again and we decided to call it a day. Alice had everything she needed and Chris got some great shots of us on the beach and in the city so everyone was happy.

And of course what you’re all waiting to see is the finished video! Well here it is guys - ‘Behind the scenes of a Sydney Travelshoot’. Let us know what you think and definitely check out Travelshoot for your next holiday.

P.S. If you’re recognising our outfits from our previous Melbourne Travelshoot - we were told to wear the same thing as they went so well together! :-)