Our last week in Bali - Ubud & Padang Padang

We got to Ubud about 3pm, found our new Homestay and collected our other backpack from In Da Lodge hostel where we’d stayed before. We had some lunch at Juice Ja (standard), went to the gym at Ubud Fitness Centre, ate some fat free healthy frozen yoghurt from Frozen Yogi and walked around to find somewhere to have a massage. Most places were too busy and we had to come back later (this never happens in Asia!), but luckily we found one that looked nice and could see us straight away so went there. After the massage we were both greasy from the oil they used so went back to the Homestay for a shower before dinner at Juice Ja – can you tell it’s our favourite restaurant of all time!? We actually ate there 7 times in the 5 days of being in Ubud.

At this point, we only had about a week left in Bali before heading over to Perth in Australia, and we wanted to spend some more time in Padang Padang in the south as it is our favourite part of Bali. So the following day we had breakfast at our Homestay before a morning gym session, then returned our moped and booked a shuttle bus to Kuta for 12:30pm as it was cheaper than going all the way down to Padang Padang – 55,000 rupiah each. Once we arrived in Kuta we dropped our bags off at Funky Monkey Hostel so we could walk around to find the cheapest way to get down to the south. After asking around at a few places we found a private driver for 150,000 so got him to drive us there.

We stayed in Padang Padang for four nights (from Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th October) at Kenanga Inn which is where we stayed earlier on during our trip. The first day we got there from Ubud we had a late lunch at Bukit Cafe, then relaxed on Padang Padang beach for the sunset, eating dinner at Mango Tree Restaurant which was just opposite our hotel. Both Bukit Cafe and Mango Tree Restaurant have some delicious dishes and we would definitely recommend trying both of them out if you’re ever around that area. Sadly the next day the weather was cloudy in the morning, so we had workout in our room then went to Om Burger for lunch – again great place to eat in Padang Padang. That afternoon we chilled on the beach. 

We knew there were lots of nice, healthy places to eat around the Padang Padang, Uluwatu and Bingin areas, and we wanted to try them out before we left. So on Friday morning we had a yummy breakfast at Cashew Tree after another workout in our room. We then drove over to Uluwatu Temple which wasn’t exactly the most beautiful of temples, but the views from the cliff side were spectacular.

Lunch at Land’s End Cafe was next and then we drove to Dreamland beach for the afternoon. Dreamland is one of our favourite beaches in Bali – it has pure white sand (which doesn’t get hot, even in the Bali sun), the water is a combination of crystal clear blues and greens, and the waves are ginormous. A definite recommendation if you’re ever in Bali.

As we had spent quite a lot on food in all these nice restaurants and cafes we’d been going to, that night we decided to have dinner at Warung Heboh. The food may have been cheap but it was certainly tasty. 

The next day started with another workout in the room (we told you we wanted to get fit for Australia) then went to Cashew Tree for Jordan’s second breakfast and Natalie had a smoothie and relaxed on Dreamland beach again. The waves were so big and Jordan loved tumbling around in them. He tried to get Natalie in the water, holding her hand at the shore line. One huge wave came and took her out, loosing her sunglasses! Later we went to Bukit Cafe for lunch, and then met our friend Grace who we met in Seminyak and her friends on Padang Padang beach. We stayed there till dark, then headed back for a shower and went for dinner at Cacho’s Mexican. That night there was a beach party so we had some drinks outside the mini mart, like everyone does as there’s no real bar around there, then walked down to Padang Padang beach where there was a live reggae band and then a DJ to dance the night away. 

Sunday 18th October was our last day in the south of Bali – a very sad day! We shared taxi from Padang Padang with our friends Grace and Sandy who both went to the airport. We moved on to stay in Capsule Hostel in Seminyak as it was our favourite accommodation in Bali and it was close to the airport for when we flew out to Perth, Australia on the Friday. We decided to do our first three nights in a dorm at 130,000 rupiah each, and our last two nights in a private room at 300,000 per night. Our last few days in Bali were spent doing as little as possible, as we knew we would have to start working in Australia pretty soon to get our money back up. So we ate, slept, and lay on the beach for four days straight. It’s a hard life this backpacking business! But Friday came around soon enough, and it was time to leave our favourite place in the world for a new adventure in Australia!