Lucky in love in Verona

Three nights is enough in Venice as there’s not an awful lot to do other than walk through the streets and canals, and spend a ridiculous amount of money. (Those of you who said that Italy was expensive, you weren’t lying!) So on Wednesday 1st July we moved on and caught the train to Verona. After a two hour train journey we arrived at our very cute The Lions B&B in the afternoon to a very friendly Italian hostess who was more than happy to tell us everything there was to do there during our stay. The B&B was very nicely decorated with love and hearts being the theme throughout. There were cute love hearts in every aspect of the room and communal area and the whole place was light and airy with a very homely feel.

Once all the introductions had been done we took a wander into town to find some food. We’ve found that Italians don’t really have many ingredients in their pasta dishes. They rarely have pasta with chicken, it’s normally just ham/prosciutto or just pasta with a sauce. So when we found a restaurant that did shrimp pasta with courgette we were impressed. Until the dishes actually came out and we saw how small the portion sizes were. Pasta in Italy is meant to be as a first dish – what ever that means! – so the portions sizes are small pretty much everywhere.

To walk off our lunch we headed for the small colosseum in the centre of town that has been turned into a theatre, and then Castelvecchio which was lovely. We walked along on of the castle’s bridges and sat with our feet dipped in the refreshing cool water of Adige River for a while.

We then went back and chilled in our room for part of the evening, until hunger struck us again and we went out in search of more food. Our B&B had a kitchen that we could use for evening meals so we asked our host where we could buy some ingredients to make anything but pasta or pizza (you do get a little fed up of it after a while) but she said everywhere closed before 9pm. So we realised we needed to find a restaurant that did meat dishes with vegetables. Luckily we found one just past the Juliet Balcony in a square along Piazza Erbe which wasn’t too expensive so we tucked in.

The next morning we went in search of Virgin Active gym which was a short bus ride away. Although we didn’t realise that at the time and walked the majority of it! It was very expensive to do a day pass so we decided to go back later in the evening as well to make it worth our while paying. It took us about three hours to find the gym, work out, and then find our way back so that was most of the morning gone. In the afternoon we went to Juliet’s Balcony which Natalie was really looking forward to. Unfortunately it was quite disappointing. The actual area where the balcony is is very small and three of the four walls are now souvenir shops for the attraction, which spoils the overall look and feel of the iconic spot. It was €6 each to go into the building and all you do is walk up the steps to stand on the balcony quickly, and then come back down – so we didn’t think it was worth it.

The balcony itself is a lot smaller than we imagined, but it was still lovely to go there and see all the love letters on the walls and have our picture taken rubbing the left boob of the Juliet statue to bring you luck in love.

We continued walking around the city and then headed back to work on the blog and vlog. We also wanted to go back to the gym so we got our stuff together and got on the bus. The wrong bus as it turns out! So we caught it back to the train station which we knew, and had another look. We then realised that the buses stopped running at 8:30pm and by the time we would have got to the gym, it would have been time to come back in order to catch the last bus. So that was a complete waste of time. There wasn’t any supermarkets near our B&B so during the day we picked up some chicken from the butchers across the road and some fruit and vegetables from the grocery shop next door to our hostel so we could make dinner ourselves that evening. Having a kitchen where you’re staying when you travel is so convenient, especially when you want to save money. The food we bought for dinner that night cost us €8, whereas a pasta dish for one person is normally between €10 and €15.

As Verona is quite a small town, we decided to only spend two nights there. We also had the Hilton Hotel in Milan booked for Friday 3rd July as it was a present from Natalie’s Mum and Dad so the next day (Friday) we caught the train over to Milan and began our luxurious stay in a 4 star hotel.