Leaving Home

So this is always the hardest part of writing a blog. Trying to think of the first few sentences that will grab your readers’ attention and entice them to read on. Unfortunately, we are not professionals at this blogging malarkey. In fact, we are newbies. So please be gentle with us, and excuse any obvious blogging mishaps in our first few posts.

As you may or may not have read in our ‘About’ section, we are venturing off around the world for what feels like the second time (although the first time we only explored part of South East Asia and it was only for three months). We caught the travelling bug and after one year of living together, and one year of saving, we started our adventure on Tuesday 2nd June 2015 in Iceland.

Before we get onto the exciting part about actually leaving to travel the world, we’ll deal with the boring/important bits. Most people would think that going travelling is nice and relaxing – and it is – but first you’ve got to sort out everything you want to sort out before you go. We’ve had to work out what to do with our cars, our phones and our jobs. It might sound scary to some people, leaving your job and your home, but to us the unknown is exciting. Not knowing which countries you’re going to, which hostels you’ll be staying in, what food you’ll be trying and which people you will meet along the way is all part of the thrill of travelling.

As we’ve had some experience in travelling from country to country, we know that organisation is key. So we’ve bought; Osprey back packs that unzip at the front (so you can lay them on their back and open them like a suitcase), packing cubes to organise our clothes so we can easily access the item of clothing we want, and other bits like a mac book to keep you lovely lot updated on our travels. We made list upon list upon list of what we needed to do before we go and what we need to take. (Natz loves good list!).

Most travellers will know that the hardest part about leaving is saying Goodbye. We made sure we got to see most of our friends and family before we go. And after a great week of catching up with our loved ones, it was time to get going!