Finding beautiful beaches near Melbourne

Any of you who have been to Melbourne will know that it’s certainly not the best location in Australia for incredible beaches. In fact, some areas of the beaches around Port Melbourne and St Kilda look similar to a beach we live near back home called West Wittering. Just flat, brownie sand with flat murky looking seawater. Now obviously the colour of the sea is better in Melbourne, but as the beaches close to the city are in the ferry port area, the sea isn’t anywhere near as colourful as City Beach in Perth for example.

So one day in the middle of February, we decided we wanted to see some more of Australia’s incredible beaches. We were lucky enough to borrow Natalie’s boss’ car (as renting a hire car can be quite expensive) and drove down south of Melbourne to Mornington Peninsular. We’d done some research the day before and thought that Seaford beach and Mount Martha beach both looked nice. So we followed the coast the whole way for about an hour until we got to our first stop - Seaford.

The town itself almost looked a bit hillbilly. With shops and cafes looking how you would imagine a small town in America to look. But the sea looked gorgeous from what we could see whilst driving, so we parked up and headed for the beach. It didn’t disappoint - it was stunning! The sea was a gorgeous turquoise blue and the sand was white and soft. This was the kind of beaches we were wanting to live by we were thinking! We always knew that we wanted a bit of both when we were going to live in Australia - great city and great beach. We instantly fell in love with Melbourne city and had to sacrifice a little on the great beach idea. And to have this paradise less than an hours drive away really makes Melbourne our perfect place to live.

Of course you know by now that we are massive beach bums, so once we got over how nice the view was, we got settled in an area on the sand and lay in the sun for the rest of the morning. Bliss. Around about 1pm we got peckish so walked over the road to a small cafe for some lunch, and then hopped back into the car to see what Mount Martha had to offer. And it did not disappoint either! It was slightly different to Seaford as the beach is almost in a cove area surrounded by cliffs with massive mansions on top of it - they must have a gorgeous view! And there we cute brightly coloured beach huts all the way along to the lifeguard centre. But the sea and the sand were just as lovely as Seaford and we quickly found our afternoon spot to relax in.

When we could finally pry ourselves away from the gorgeous beaches, we headed back up to the city and grabbed an insanely good burger each from Mammy’s Boy in St Kilda. It says it’s an authentic ‘chippy’ like the ones in England, and the chips actually do taste like home. But my god the burgers are so good! Neither of us are massive burger fans, but it seems that Melbourne has an array of incredible burger restaurants that we just love. One of our other favourites is Grand Trailer Park on Bourke Street which has insane burgers and great decor with multicoloured trailers inside the restaurant. Definitely check them both out if you haven’t already. We’d love to hear your best burger places here in Melbourne so get in touch on