The crystal clear waters of Nusa Lembongan

On Friday 18th September we left for Kuta and stayed back in Funky Monkey for two nights. The next few days consisted of going to the beach with some people from our hostel and all you can eat and drink in Sky Garden. Early one afternoon we had a very naughty McDonald’s…and bumped into Linda and Rod again! They were looking for a place to stay so we took them back to Funky Monkey. Unfortunately they were full but next door had room. We had told Linda and Rod about Sky Garden so that night we ate and drank with everyone from our hostel and finished the night in Alleycats – a great little backpacker bar that you wouldn’t know about unless you’ve been there before. Really cheap drinks as well.

The next day we moved on from Kuta to Seminyak. We rented a scooter from Funky Monkey and went to the immigration office to extend our visa. However we were too late as it closed at midday. We then drove 15 minutes down Sunset Road with our backpacks, and had lunch at Moonlight Cafe before finding our hostel New Seminyak, Capsule Hostel which was pretty much next door. Late afternoon we drove to Potato Head Club on the beach to listen to a friends’ Uncle DJ there. We were expecting a small backpacker type bar, but instead it was a huge beach club with infinity pools, cabanas and a large stage on the beach where they later had Kygo performing at their Ultra Music Festival. The place was full of Aussies who could all afford the expensive food and drink. But unfortunately, as we were on a backpackers budget we had to go for the cheapest beer and a mocktail. It was nice to watch the sunset there though, and dream of having money to spend in a place like that.

That night we had dinner in Soho restaurant along one of the main roads in Seminyak called Jalan Kayu Aya, then had a wander around the shops. Our hostel had a great communal area with a long table in the kitchen so we stayed up drinking and chatting with some people from our hostel. We ended up loving Capsule Hostel so much that we stayed there four different times, totalling 15 nights, both in dorms and their great private rooms. The beds were the most comfy of any dorm we’ve had on this trip, the owners Michelle and Theo were so friendly, helpful and very kind, and as we mentioned, the communal areas were great, both downstairs in the kitchen area, but also upstairs in the TV room. If you’re going to Bali any time soon, we would definitely recommend staying in Capsule Hostel in Seminyak! 

The following day we drove back to Kuta to go to the immigration office early in the morning to extend our visas and in the afternoon we relaxed at the beach outside Potato Head.

The next few days went by and we continued relaxing on the beach, sometimes going to Canggu, sometimes Seminyak and sometimes Kuta where Jordan could practise his surfing as the waves were more suited to beginners there.

This was all killing time while our visa extension was getting approved. After the second time we went to the immigration office to have our fingerprints and photographs taken (very hungover we might add as we had been to Old Man’s Bar in Canggu the night before) we were told it would be a four day wait until they were approved as it was coming up to the weekend. So we decided to go to Nusa Lembongan for a few nights to see what the island was like and also to meet up with our friends Linda and Rod one last time. We arrived on the island late afternoon on 25th September so we had a late lunch at a warung that did really good food for cheap prices and then we chilled in our room watching a film. Rod and Linda had kindly booked us a room where they were staying called Wahyu Homestay and luckily we bumped into them that evening and had a chat in the restaurant there. They told us what they had been doing for the last few days while staying on the island and gave us some recommendations as they were leaving the next day. 

So on the 26th September we rented a moped from our homestay and explored the island, driving to Dream Beach to relax there and have some food.

We had lunch in the restaurant there called Dream Beach Huts Cafe and we can honestly say it was one of the worst meals we had during our whole stay in Bali. The food took over an hour to come out and when it did it was cold, tasteless and not worth the money. But it is the only place to eat there so we didn’t really have a choice. Linda and Rod had told us about Devil’s Tear, right next to Dream Beach, where the waves crash up against the rocks and spray water everywhere. So that afternoon we waited there until sunset as that was high tide, and we thought the waves were bound to crash upon the rocks then. Lots of other people had the same idea it seemed. Sadly the waves weren’t as big as Rod and Linda had said so we were a bit disappointed. But the sunset was absolutely beautiful and worth waiting around for – even if we were sitting on spiky rocks the whole time.

The next day we drove around the second island called Nusa Ceningan which you had to cross a narrow, rickety suspension bridge to get to. The bridge didn’t sound great with our bike driving over the wooden planks but everyone else was doing it so we trusted that we wouldn’t crash into the sea beneath us.

The views were stunning whilst driving around the island along the bumpy dirt tracks they call roads. Seriously, if you’re not a very confident moped driver we wouldn’t recommend driving around on Nusa Ceningan as the roads are in such a bad condition that you are likely to misjudge and crash. First we stopped at Dream Point where they farm seaweed. Next it was Secret Beach where we relaxed for a while and had some tasty lunch at the hotel restaurant there.

In the afternoon we continued driving around the island, before crossing back over the bridge to Nusa Lembongan and stopping off at Playground Beach and Mushroom Bay. Both weren’t particularly nice as they were mainly boat ports so there wasn’t much of a beach to relax on. So for the last part of the afternoon we sat on Dream Beach again. Although by the time we got there the sun was nearly going in so we weren’t there for long before heading back to our hotel. 

We left the island the following day as although it is very beautiful, there’s not an awful lot to do there if you’re not snorkelling or scuba diving, so two or three nights there is plenty. The only thing we might have liked to do was kayak through the mangrove forest there. But we have done that in Thailand before so we didn’t feel like we were missing out too much.