Colourful Copenhagen

After the icy winds of Iceland, we were looking forward to some warmer weather, and Copenhagen in Denmark did not disappoint. We arrived late afternoon to our Osterport Hotel which was conveniently right opposite the train station, so after a quick shower we walked into the centre of town to discover what Copenhagen had to offer. I think it’s fair to say we quickly fell in love with this city.

The buildings are pretty and colourful and the atmosphere was so chilled that we immediately felt comfortable in our new surroundings. We grabbed a few drinks from a little vendor in the centre of the main square and sat in the sun wondering what we’d get up to in the next few days. We then walked along to the popular Nyhavn canal and had a rather delicious (and rather pricey!) dinner – the steak was about £23. The restaurants along the canal are great if you can afford them, but we quickly noticed that a lot of people were buying their own food and drink and sitting on the wall opposite the restaurants – same great view at dinner, but at a fraction of the price. The sun was lovely and warm throughout the evening so after dinner we walked through the gardens near by. As it was a Friday night there were lots of people out drinking and socialising in the colourful gardens.

Copenhagen is full of people cycling, so to look and feel like locals, we decided to rent bikes and cycle around the gorgeous city in the sunshine (it’s a hard life!). We managed to rent bikes for two days for roughly £18 per person from a bike rental next door to our hotel. So from Saturday to Monday, we rode around the city, getting to know Copenhagen.

One thing you might need to know about us is that we are both – well, Jordan more so than Natalie – into staying fit and healthy. We’ve worked hard to get our beach bodies this last year, and we do NOT want to lose them before we actually get to a beach! So Saturday morning was spent in a gym not far from our hotel called Fitness World. It was about £10 per person for a 7 day gym pass which we thought was great value. The rest of the day was spent cycling around trying to find the ‘Go Boats‘. These small wooden boats which have a table in the centre and the idea is that you can take a picnic and booze on there and have your own private boat party. Sadly, we couldn’t find them. The next day though, we realised just how close we were to them! We then tried to go into one of the many museums but by the time we’d had some lunch along the canal (this time sandwiches we made from a shop to save money) and managed to find the museum we wanted to go to, it was too late. Note to self: Everything touristy in Copenhagen closes at 5pm. The day was not completely wasted though. We managed to see some beautiful buildings, and find the ‘Little Mermaid’ along the river bank.

The weather was still really warm and as we hadn’t really done much during the day, we decided to join the people chilling by the Nyhavn canal. We ordered a take away pizza and bought a few drinks and sat on the wall in the sunshine, eating and drinking, listening to the music and watching the world go by.

Sunday morning was another gym sesh (for Jordan) and moving from our hotel over to Generator Hostel which was more in the heart of the city. We wanted to stay there for our entire stay but unfortunately it was fully booked (as were most hostels in Copenhagen – leaving it till the last minute to book around Europe is not a great idea!). The hostel was really modern and fun with lots of communal areas for socialising and meeting new people, and at roughly £22 per bed per night, you can’t really go wrong. After dropping our bags off we continued to cycling around the city and cross the river into the South East. The weather wasn’t as nice on Sunday, and turned out to be quite windy, so we took shelter in a cute coffee shop. We then managed to find the ‘Go Boats’ (at last!) but as the weather wasn’t great, and when we realised how much it was – £30 for 1 hour or £100 for 3 hours – we decided to give it a miss.

Being the fitness fanatics that we are *winks* we spent Sunday evening at the gym and then dropped our bikes off and the rental place. We made a rookie mistake with the bikes though. We rented them until 2pm on Monday and we knew the shop was closed on Sunday. But as we’d booked an early flight to Berlin for Monday morning, we had to drop the bikes off on the Sunday evening when the shop was closed, so we lost out on getting our £50 deposit back. You live and you learn. We then went back to Generator Hostel to get some dinner and relax before and early start – 3:00am to be precise!

Check out our Copenhagen and Berlin video on YouTube here.