Beach Bums in Boracay

We arrived in Boracay on Tuesday 25th October after our flight from Manila. We had already booked 3 nights at the MNL Hostel there as we received a 10% discount due to staying in the MNL Hostel in Manila. When we first arrived, Jordan wasn’t feeling well, so he got into bed a s soon as we got to our hostel and slept most of the afternoon. I (Natalie) had a shower, skyped my family then went to the Korean restaurant opposite our hostel as I was starving. After a great meal I went to the local pharmacy to get Jordan some medication - he felt as though he had Dengue Fever again (he had it before in Thailand a few years ago and it can come back whenever it wants) so I knew I had to get him some rehydration sachets as they really helped before. Because Jordan wasn’t feeling great and Natalie had received some sad news from home, we had a chilled evening in the hostel watching Game of Thrones on laptop.  

The next day Jordan was feeling much better so after enjoying the free breakfast at the hostel (eggs, fruit, toast with jam/peanut butter) we relaxed on White beach all day. Considering White beach is the main/most popular beach for tourists to go to, it was actually really nice. Normally super busy beaches are dirty with rubbish but this one was very clean, with soft white sand and clear blue waters. We later learnt that smoking had been banned on this beach to help keep it clean.

Half way through our relaxing, we had lunch at a Mexican on the beach which did delicious chicken tacos and and unique chorizo bolognese. Then sat back on the beach and watched the sunset with a cocktail and a beer and both got burnt through the clouds!

That night we had dinner at a very small pizza place just up from our hostel. The place was popular but unfortunately the pizzas weren’t great. What was nice however was the two little girls that started playing with us and showing us their paper clips. It was lovely to see how something so simple could make a child so happy. We’re so keen at home to smother our children with all the latest gadgets and toys, and in the end they play with the cardboard box anyway! Kids should be kids and use their imagination, and these two young girls were certainly showing us how they can have fun with next to nothing. After dinner we went for a walk down to the beach through D Mall (a shopping and dining area) which was very busy with tourists, both local and foreign. We didn't fancy a drink so after a wander we went back towards our hostel, not before Jordan had some coconut ice cream from the ‘all coconut’ restaurant just near us. Of course there was more Game of Thrones before bed.

Thursday morning we chatted to two Aussie girls staying in our hostel, Tahlia and Molly, at breakfast and decided to share a tricycle to Pukka beach as we had heard that it was nice. We think it was about 100 pesos (it’s about 37 pesos to $1 Aussie dollar/63 pesos to £1 English pound) for the four of us one way. The beach was lovely. We walked to the right as you entered the beach to get away from the tourists and shops as it was much quieter that end. As we had burnt a little the day before we sat in the shade for most of the day with our tops on.

We spent the afternoon there, then went back to our hostel to go for a late lunch. Natalie recommended the Korean opposite the hostel as it was 100 pesos for veggie fried rice (that had ham in it!). We asked for an extra egg for more protein and the dish came with lots of sides including morning glory, pickled kimchi, fish cakes and an okra dish that looked very spicy due to all the chilliest on it, so no need touched that dish. After lunch the girls took us to another coconut ice cream place inside D Mall which was served in bowls made out of frozen coconut shell and the coconut was scraped off the sides to create small pieces of coconut spaghetti. There was nothing much else to do after that so we headed back to the hostel to chill. Natalie skyped her family again and we watched another Game of Thrones before heading out for some dinner. We wanted to keep costs low so we went to a local restaurant near our hostel that had a mix of Mexican and Filipino dishes. Jordan had nachos and the traditional noodle dish called Pancit Canton, whilst Natalie went for a chicken burrito. That was the end of our time in Boracay because on Friday 28th of October we flew from Kalibo airport to Cebu city as we were keen to do the whale sharks.