This is our story...

Hi, we're Natalie and Jordan. A couple that loves to travel, discover new places and meet new people. We've been together for over 7 years and have been to 21 countries together so far. Our plan is 30 by 30 so we've got another 3 years to squeeze 9 more countries in! We're currently a year and a half into our amazing once in a lifetime trip and we couldn't be happier. 

Our love for travel started in 2011 when we went to Thailand for three weeks and had the time of our lives. We travelled around the southern islands such as Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Koh Samui. In our short amount of time there we met lots of different people from different walks of life, who all had one thing in common – a love for travel. We enjoyed learning about new cultures and seeing new places so much. And when we got back, we realised that three weeks just wasn’t enough!

A year later in October 2012, we went travelling through South East Asia for three months. We had an amazing time exploring more of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bali.

When we came home we quickly got back to reality – living together, working and paying bills. However it just wasn't enough for us. We decided to break free from the ‘norm’, and create our own adventures. So after a year of living together, we moved back home with our parents for a year to save like we’ve never saved before.

We left on 2nd June 2015 and so far we have explored Iceland, Copenhagen, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Italy, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia Borneo and Indonesia (mainly Bali!). We got to Australia late October 2015 and discovered what Perth and Sydney had to offer before deciding to settle in Melbourne.

We lived in Melbourne for a year on a Working Holiday Visa and spent most of our time working and saving to fund the next lot of our travelling adventures. (We got to explore and have a little fun too!) As much as we were looking forward to moving on and seeing news places, we were sad to leave Melbourne. The fantastic city will always hold a special place in our hearts, not only because we lived there for a year and loved every minute, but because we actually got engaged there in August 2016 – you can read about it here.

We left Melbourne on 22nd October 2016 and went to; the Philippines, Japan, Bali for Christmas and New Year, then back to Australia to do the East Coast. We're sadly now back at home - as every traveller knows, the money runs out eventually! But our travel plans are far from finished, and next year we'll be going on an epic honeymoon including New Zealand, Fiji, America and Canada. We'll probably throw in some of Europe too! So keep your eyes peeled for our next adventures! This travel blog is certainly not finished and we will be concentrating on adding to our Travel Tips section for you lovely lot. Enjoy!