A travel blog and diary by British couple Natalie & Jordan about our adventures around the world.

Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller.


We started our travelling adventures in June 2015 in Europe. We visited Iceland, then Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague and Budapest.


We spent four weeks in Vietnam, starting in Hanoi, then Phong Nha, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Dalat and Ho Chi Minh, before exploring Halong Bay. 


Perth was our first stop in Australia as Jordan's best mate was living there at the time. We explored the city and beaches before heading to Margaret River to indulge in the cheese and wine scene. 


After a year of living in Australia we were keen to get the next lot of our travel adventures started. First on the list was the Philippines.

We spent two weeks exploring the main tourist spots in Italy including; Venice, Verona, Milan, Florence, Pisa and Rome.

Malaysia Borneo

We spent a few weeks in Malaysia Borneo where Jordan passed his Open Water dive course and Natalie snorkelled with 15 turtles! 


We spent a week exploring Sydney by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and sunbathing on Bondi beach. We also had a Travelshoot there and the pictures are amazing! 


We were so excited to visit Japan for a week as we knew it would be so different from everywhere else in Asia we've been. We did Tokyo, Kyoto & Osaka.

Sri Lanka

We spent a month in Sri Lanka where we spent time exploring Columbo, Galle, Tissa and Yala National Park, Arugam Bay, Ella, Kandy and Nyagumbo.


Bali is our favourite place on earth, so it's no wonder we stayed there for 7 weeks! We also explored the Gili islands and some of Java.


After discovering Perth and Sydney, we decided to settle in Melbourne in November 2015 where we lived and worked for a year. We fell in love with this city, and our blog posts will tell you why. 

Travel Tips

We've got a new section on our blog with our latest travel tips. If you're going travelling soon, definitely read this section for all you need to know.